SEO Still Works

SEO Still Works

Why SEO Still Works

SEO Still Works – Ever since the first algorithms of search engines rolled out to provide internet users with appropriate search results, there has been a constantly evolving interaction between website owners and search engines. Traffic is a very valuable commodity in the internet. High volume of traffic is coveted by website owners who are serious with promoting their online platform. The high amount of traffic ensures that even though only a percentage of those visitors are eventually going to purchase the website’s products or services, the number of transactions will still be significantly bigger. Being ranked high by search engines is therefore very coveted. The visibility of the website in top results make sure that prospective clients see the websites before losing interest in sifting through the lesser ranked search results.

Website owners essentially try to optimize and oftentimes exploit the algorithms of search engines to manipulate the ranking in the search results

Consequently, search engines keep updating their search algorithms to maintain good quality search results. If search engines become complacent of search engine optimization (SEO) and blatant exploitation, the search result will be riddled with irrelevant results that may even contain nonsensical content that is only meant to pull the ranking high up on the list.

In the few years of this search engine and website owner relationship, the search engine algorithm has gradually become more ironed out and efficient at gathering the results that are relevant and mark website with spam contents with a lower rank in the search results. Most have implemented penalties to exploitation of guidelines and regulations.

This big improvement in search engine algorithm has panicked a lot of SEO experts and website owners, thinking that they won’t be able to optimize the system like they used to. They are partially correct. The aspect of search engine optimization that is becoming obsolete is where SEO experts exploit the search engine algorithms. These exploits severely reduce the efficiency of search engines in displaying an appropriately ranked list of search results. Their opportunity to go far with spamming irrelevant content becomes thinner and thinner as search engines become more efficient.

This improvement in the search algorithms benefit everyone

Website owners and SEO experts will be compelled to take the time and effort to provide appropriate and relevant content in order for their websites to appear in the top lists. Search engine users are subsequently provided with results with little to no spam. Legitimate SEO techniques are still viable because ultimately, search engines depend own filtering, correlating and ranking word relevance to provide results.

SEO Still Works